What is an Artist's Proof?

At one time the artist's proofs were given to the artist usually as payment for the signing of the edition. The normal number of artist's proofs is 50. In some cases (usually prints purchased for stock from other publishers) it may be higher. The artist's proofs are signed by the artist and numbered showing the quantity of artists proofs available. Because of their restricted number artist's proofs are sold at a higher price. Nowadays, as the artists are paid a signing fee, the publisher keeps a percentage of the artist's proofs for resale.

It is considered, especially in the United States, when the edition is sold out and a secondary market value is realised, an artist's proof will go up in value at a greater percentage rate than the limited edition. Normally the artist's proofs are sold out well before the complete edition and a secondary market value for the artist's proof will begin to increase in value well before the edition is sold out.

We would like to stress that it is not guaranteed that the item will go up in value apart from inflation and if the item is being purchased purely for your own personal pleasure and not with a view to investment we would recommend the signed limited edition print.

Limited edition print:

An edition of identical prints, numbered sequentially and individually signed by the artist, having a stated limit to the number in the edition. The edition sizes of each art work varies dramatically, normally ranging from 750 to 1,150. These prints form the main part of the edition, the only others being the stated number of artist's proofs and occasionally an edition of Giclee canvas prints which are normally larger in size and are restricted to 50 copies or less. Following publication the printing plates are destroyed by Cranston Fine Arts and all major publishers we deal with. On some editions extra signatures of distinguished military aviation and naval personnel can be found. The existence of these signatures if available will be stated on our website text for the image.

Giclee Canvas Prints:

As part of a limited edition print there may be 50 giclee canvas prints available to learn more about these superb canvas prints click here.

Signed Edition:

Signed edition prints are sometimes available signed by the artist but not restricted by number printed. These can be found at a lower price normally around 50. Prints such as 'Bannockburn' by Mark Churms, 'Culloden The Aftermath' by Brian Wood and 'Operation Goodwood' by David Rowlands. These signed editions have been produced so that the artists receive an extra payment for the signature over and above the initial copyright arrangement.